Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bike to Work Month.

Bike to work
Team M is doing ok, currently we are placed 634 out of 1158, firmly in the middle of the mileage competition. This is unfortunate but expected as our regular commuters are DKW and myself and our normal commutes are 1 and 3 miles respectively. Most of the rest of our team has longer commutes but the timing has been rough so far. I still want to see the bike rack filled up.

The leading team is a Boeing team and has racked up massive mileage so far with 912.7 miles the last 5 days. The rankings are available here.

DKW and I did ride during lunch but that doesn't count for the contest. I did find that I can power up a 9% grade hill at 11.5 mph if my adrenaline is pumping. There is a hill right up 122nd that I rode up and had to ANNOUNCE myself to a driver turning out of the PetCo parking lot. The boost had me climb all the way up to the cemetery at a good clip. Once there I had to wait for DKW and I could hear my heart as a waited. Mildly amusing considering that everything was fine and I didn't get hurt and managed to get the attention of the driver before she put me in harms way.

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