Monday, May 25, 2009

Human Powered Challenge at PIR - 2009

Preperation for 200m Sprints
Todd with Lonnie's Streamliner

I just got back from the HPC event at PIR. It was a huge amount of fun. I got to meet more people than I can remember. Both my wife and I took a ton of pictures most of which are up on Flickr right now.

I participated in the Stock/Super Stock time trial, the 200m sprints, the autocross relay and the 1 hour mass start stock/super stock road race. I place 8th in the time trial in the stock class, 7th in the road race. I am not sure where in the list I show up for the 200m sprints.

My speed was approximately 21.9 mph for the TT I completed 10 laps in 25m.57s. I averaged over 20.8 mph for the Road Race as well. Since this was my first time trial and my first road race they are both personal bests. I will post the offical results after they are up on the OHPV site.

My two favorite parts of the event were getting sprinting advice from Rob English which he had received himself from Sam Whittingham and the Road Race. I drafted off of Jeff Willis and Todd Marley on their faired LWB bikes for about 4 laps, then I chased Todd when Jeff bonked, eventually passing him. I then just chased anyone who appeared to be in front of me for the rest of the event. I managed to draft off the Kohans when they both passed me but I could only stick to them for 1/2 a lap. I was very surprised how fast the time passed during the road race. It was a lot of fun and very exciting.

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