Friday, May 29, 2009

STP and Flying Wheels

I received my STP number 677 and my Flying Wheels rider packet arrived with number 1287. I am getting the STP jersey pictured here as well some time in June. My STP packet is also going to be mailed to me. I am very excited about my first STP. The hills on the STP are easier than the Puget Sound hills I ride every week so I am just not worried about the ride, I plan on enjoying it.

This Sunday I will be riding with COGS (Cyclists of Greater Seattle) and some co-workers to Alki beach. My round trip will be ~70 miles. COGS published a pace of about 15-18mph for the ride so this will be good practice for me. I want to get my average speed up and the COGS group will push me on the hills.

I think my training is on track and now I just need to keep it up and focus on weight loss for improved climbing ability.

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