Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HPC event at PIR - packing

30 min crit WC 2008
Barney Harle at the 2008 World Championships in England.

I am trying to determine what I need for the Human Powered Challenge racing at PIR this coming weekend. This will be my first race so I am a bit nervous.

My packing list so far:
  • Raptobike - White Rabbit
  • Basic Tools - allen wrenches, wire cutters, electrical tape, zip ties, pedal wrench, chain tool, spare sram master link.
  • Bike Repair stand - portable
  • A couple gallons of water.
  • Food, etc
  • Helmet
  • Sun Screen
  • cycle clothing
  • sandals
  • extra towels
  • a bucket
  • cleaning spray
  • laptop
  • camera

I think that works. It always helps to write stuff down, but I am sure to forget something


Russell said...

Don't forget tubes, sunglasses and probably a hat. Also, bring a lawn chair if they allow it, there will be plenty of time for sitting.

Good luck.

Duncan Watson said...

Good point. I will bring both my chairs, my tubes, spare tires, etc.