Thursday, May 21, 2009

Power computations

A fellow recumbent rider passed onto me some of the formulas used to compute power output. His formula's figure in rolling resistance, cda, % grade as well as weight of the bike and rider. I find the data very interesting. It seems while climbing I generally put out about 180-200 watts of power and when the grade gets steep I am forced to push it to 300 watts or so. This matches my power on the flats, I put out about 180 watts when going 21mph and push it up to 308 watts when hammering it at 27.9 mph. By the way it will take me 376 watts to hit 30.45 mph, a worthy goal for this weekend.

I am very pleased with these computations as it puts me in range of your basic athletic rider, 200 watts. Training can only increase my output.

Some highlights from the spreadsheet, results of this are metric because doing physics in imperial measurements is silly.
My Power vs Speed

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