Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ride with COGS

Alki Ride details and graph
I rode out from Kirkland to Gas Works Park to ride with the COGS to Alki Beach. It was a blast. I haven't ridden the raptobike with an organized group of upright roadies before. This route was not very hilly and I found it easy to stick with the pack. The group was advertised as Moderate pace (15-18mph) but for much of the ride it was Brisk or 18-20mph.

I really enjoyed this ride and adding my 40 miles to it proved excellent training. The COGS really kept my heart rate up there and I got quite the workout. When I got home after riding 70 miles and 2400ft of climbing I had an average speed of 14mph. I am very pleased with this as it is nearly a 1mph improvement of my normal speed.


Russell said...

Sounds like a great ride. Think you will ride with them again?

Duncan Watson said...

I think so, they start a lot of rides out of Gas Works Park. A nice location and close to you, not too far for me.