Monday, May 18, 2009

First 500 miles on the Raptobike

Raptobike post Century
White Rabbit, my raptobike, has over 500 miles on her odometer now. The 105 mile ride on Saturday pushed her past that milestone. Her brake pads needed changing as the rain and grit have taken their toll. Except for this completely normal maintenance work I have had no issues with my bike. Strong, durable, and precise are the words that describe the craftsmanship of this bike.

I am hard on bikes, both because I am a big guy (205lbs right now) and because I ride my bikes for commuting and training in all conditions. My raptobike and rohloff are prefect for me, combining both strength and performance in a single package.

Regarding my own performance, I am very pleased that I am feeling great after riding 105 miles Saturday. I rode into work on the Corsa and just went up the hills with no complaints. I am not worried about the STP at all right now. My century ride was over double the elevation gain that I expect to see on the STP, which makes me feel good about the STP's hills. I do need to plan my weekends and training as the STP approaches, I don't want to peak early.


Mark Leuck said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, NICE Raptobike, I've been looking at that one for a while

Duncan Watson said...

I love my Raptobike. I like your Baron and your blog is great. It is one of the reasons I want to put miles and miles on the Raptobike. I won't get strong and fit without miles.

Tung said...

Your RaptoBike seems to have an extra chain tensioner on the Rohloff. Do you think it would be a good idea to get rid of it? Wouldn't the chain stay closer to the fork, and allow sharper turning without hitting the tire? But I guess it would require abusing the idlers as tensioners, which might be a bad idea ..