Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Century - 105 mile day.

This will be a brief post as I am a bit tired. I did my first 105 mile ride on the raptobike. Roughly 5000 ft of climbing and an average speed of 13.5 mph. It was a great ride with Sudha (sic) and DKW. Sudha did the first loop of 50 and DKW and I did two loops with a bit of an extension for 105 miles. I also ran into Doncl at Leschi Market with his M5 TiCA, he rode with us for 18 miles or so.

I am tired but I don't hurt. The only part of me that hurt on the ride was my feet and it was minor. I didn't drink enough from mile 75 onward and bonked a bit on the final climb up Juanita Dr heading south. We were 7h:47min on the bike and we were off the bike for 2h:03min. There is room for improvement but it was an excellent trial run and I feel great about the ride.

I also received an inspiration for the Raptobike's name, White Rabbit. I was riding ahead of Sudha and DKW for the first loop, I felt a bit like a rabbit running before greyhounds, hence the name. I like it as it will be easy to come up with graphics for the tailbox that go with the theme, and it is nicely delusional and implies speed.

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