Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Commute

Sunny Saturday Recovery Ride
I had a nice ride in today. DKW and I did the 23 mile route to work together. It was misty and rainy the entire way (unlike the picture above) but it was very enjoyable. It is very good having a riding partner, I believe this has been key to my training and will be key to our ride during the STP. We plan on sticking together during the STP, splitting up on big hills only.

I believe I finally have the chain adjusted correctly. I didn't have the chain pop off on the downhill sections even though I hit a number of bumps while going 30+ mph. I am glad to have this particular problem behind me, though I will need time to regain the confidence that the chain will stay on. I think I might make my own chain ring guards out of plastic. I just need a few tools, DKW has a drill press, so with a jig saw I can cut out the pattern and then just sand/grind down the edges to make them smooth. That should help keep the chain on the ring, as well as make ride organizers more comfortable about my ben hur chainring in front of my bike.

We saw more goslings today along the river. Quite cute and a nice way to start the day.

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