Monday, May 11, 2009

Raptobike video

David at Laidback Ligfiets in Edinburgh performs yeoman's work with a test ride on Edinburghfixed's regular commute route from Dunfermline to Edinburgh. The video is great fun with text comments intermixed to keep it interesting. Great salesmanship as well, riding the commute route with a video camera behind you is genius.

Edinburghfixed wrote up his test ride over in the uk forums as well. He really enjoyed sitting at lights with feet in the pedals and his hands holding him up. A great review and he obviously enjoyed the raptobike. It is quite an infectious read, I couldn't suppress my grin while reading it.

Congratulations to the Davids on their great test ride. I know that Edinburghfixed is now eagerly awaiting the finalization of his purchase.

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