Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love my bikes

Duncan's Recumbents
I have a few bikes, three at the moment, which is down from my peak of five. I ride the Raptobike regularly and the Corsa as a backup. The Vivo is slated to be sold or maybe incorporated into a project. I do love them all. Riding is a joy and I feel so much more alive when I can ride during the week. I love the exploration; I love to see and talk to people; I love the exertion. There may be minor mechanical issues but even those are just puzzles to be solved, not problems.

I am very glad that I got off my ass and started riding again last October. My doctor is also happy since she says it has removed the need for me to go on blood pressure medication and improved my asthma issues. I am more social and happier and I have lost 32 lbs. It is good to love my life again.

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