Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flying Wheels

Flying Wheels Summer Century
I rode the Flying Wheels ride organized by Cascade Cycle club today. It was a beautiful day and I loved it. Here is a quote from my Flickr photo set for the ride.
Flying Wheels summer century ride organized by Cascades Cycle club. A nice 99 mile route. I averaged 15.4 mph and finished in 6h:25m. Elapsed time was 7h:35m, so I was off the bike for an 1h:10m. The ride was wonderful and very scenic. Cascade did an amazing job. My mileage was a bit higher than most as I followed some non-affiliated riders off the course.
The scenery was wonderful and the ride was hillier than I expected. Having 3000 other people riding with you does push the pace a bit though. I was faster than I have ever been on a long ride. And 4500ft of climbing is nothing to sneeze at. Here is the Garmin data from the ride. The first lap is the ride to the start and I really didn't push on it at all. The second lap is the ride itself.


Russell said...

Very nice. Did you work with any other cyclists? Feel ready for the STP now?

Duncan Watson said...

I feel ready for the STP. I think it should be fine. There was more climbing on FW than the STP so why worry? :)

I started the ride with a few COGS members (cyclists of greater seattle) but I was soon alone. I mostly found cyclists on the ride and chatted with them as I caught them, lost them and found them again. Lots of passing and being passed.

stannius said...

I did Flying Wheels too. I've been on a couple organized rides before, but never one with quite as many people around! It was pretty crazy :) (I do wonder if it was just due to starting promptly when the starting line opened - the previous organized rides, I started an hour or two afterwards, and rode slow, so maybe everyone else was just way ahead of me?)