Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OHPV has posted the HPC results for 2009

Duncan Racing Collage
The 10th Annual Human Powered Challenge Race results are here.

Time Trial Men's Stock results
Rob English19:02
Michael Wolfe20:58
Phillip Plath20:59
Chris Young23:36
Alex Kohan23:37
Keith Kohan23:38
Dana Lieberman24:29
Duncan Watson25:57
Joe Kochanowski26:20
Josh Townsley26:28
Robert Holler27:05
Trevor Mays27:19
Jamie Emmerson29:06
James Kubli35:08

Not too bad. I did poorly in the sprints but I knew that. I didn't eat at all before the sprints and it showed. The road race results had a smaller field and though I placed 7th, I was near the bottom of my class. Though if you add in the entire field I placed 7th out of 22. I do think I want a tailbox for my Raptobike, it would put me in SuperStock which is not as competitive in this particular group.

Too bad Dana is so far from Portland. I would like to race against him again.

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