Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love my Raptobike

Lately I have been observing some of the normal maintenance and break in issues of a bike from the outside. DKW has been going through the learning process of riding. Moving from flat bars to drop handlebars, switching to brifters from twist shift, broken spokes, bottom bracket woes, bent crank arm, derailleur adjustment issues, brake changes, etc. None of this is really abnormal, if you start with a low end hybrid and put a few thousand miles on it with a strong rider, you get a certain amount of growing pains.

But I was able to avoid that by building up my Raptobike from a frame kit with a pro-shop like Kirkland Bike Shop doing the work.
Raptobike being assembled

By picking the hubs, getting wheels built with good rims and basically using mostly top end components, I have had no issues with my Raptobike. All my little adjustments and learning issues have been very small and KBS has just taken care of it. They are wizards with figuring out stuff. Every time I go in, Matt adjusts a bit here and there.

But all in all my bike in April
Wenatchee Ride

is essentially the same as my bike now.
Flying Wheels Summer Century

I have updated some of the accessories, lights, bags, etc. But the drivetrain is the way I specified it at build time and it has held up for over 1300 miles without a problem. I have yet to have a flat with the bombproof Schwalbe Duranos. And I ride in crappy weather over broken glass and Seattle area roads.
Raptobike - Morning Commute

I rode over a pothole 1/2 mile from the picture above so hard that I dented my front rim. I didn't pinch flat. Matt at Kirkland Bike Shop bent the rim back and I can barely find the spot where it happened. The wheel rides very well.

In summation, I want to say that picking a good bike, getting quality components and having an excellent shop like Kirkland Bike Shop really makes a difference. My enjoyment level of this bike has been sky high and there have been no points where I questioned my decision. The Raptobike is wonderful and I am happy as a clam.

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