Monday, June 8, 2009

Morning Commute

Post May bike Rack
I rode in today on the 23 mile loop route that goes up Juanita Dr to Kenmore and then takes the BG Trail to Redmond and from there to the office. DKW didn't ride with me today but I need to log miles so I went alone. I did pretty well timewise but didn't break any records. My total moving time was 1h:46m which is 2 minutes slower than our record time. Average speed was 12.8mph. It is interesting how the extra climbing in this route really affects the average speed, sure it seems obvious but it still is notable. My average speed on the 50 mile Lake Washington Loop was 14mph and I was hoping for a number closer to that.

Tonight I work from midnight to 8am so I won't be riding on Tuesday. I will instead be recuperating from the silly night of DNCS consolidation work.


NorthBiker said...

What kind off lock are you using on the rapto frame?
I need to to get a similar to my bike.

Duncan Watson said...

I am using masterlock street cuffs. They work well for the lowracer and I used to use them on my trike too.