Monday, June 8, 2009

The Joys of Analysis

I was looking at my garmin data from a few months ago and comparing some of the same rides I did recently. In particular I was looking at rides of the Lake Washington Loop from March 21 and the same ride on June 7th.

March 21, 2009:
Lake Washington Loop 21Mar09

June 7 2009:
Lake Washington Loop 7Jun09

I am surprised how much lower my speed was in March. A full 2mph slower average. My heartrate was lower on June 7th as well and I spent more time in zone 2. The massive difference in elapsed time is evident as well. I am also interested in how much time I spent in the three lower speed zones.

ZoneMarch 21June 7th
Speed zone one is 1->4mph.4 miles.2 miles
Speed zone two is 4->8mph5.3 miles3.7 miles
Speed zone three is 8->12mph9.4 miles4.6 miles

Basically I went slow during climbing for half the distance in June that I did in March. Compared to March I am pretty darn fast climbing. I didn't make it up solely by being faster in the flats, nope, I was able to climb faster as well.

This is great stuff and very cool data. Especially since it makes me feel strong. I need to work harder but I am very glad to see that I am surpassing my late March ability. That was the period where I was riding pretty well on the Corsa, so the Raptobike is comparing well, as is the engine.

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Grant Andre said...

Hey Duncan! Your training and commuting really appears to be paying dividends.

Thanks for letting me get a feel for the "cockpit" of the RaptoBike last weekend. I can definitely see that I'll need to spend some time alone in a parking lot to get my finesse and handling skills up to par when mine arrives!

I wanted to follow-up regarding the chain ring you mentioned you might have in spare? If you do have a 60-tooth or larger chain ring you'd like to sell me, I'm definitely interested. You can email me at grantaATgmailDOTcom to work out the details.