Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I hope my wife doesn't kill me.

There is a interesting thread on BROL that talks about the disease that recumbent riders get. There is so much variety in recumbents that it is tempting to acquire more and more of them. Unfortunately I had a stream of consciousness revelation that the disease is more than just that. There is the accessory desire. Here is my post:

The accessory disease is also strong for recumbents.

I want:
  • A tailbox, homemade or commercial, maybe both. Race, or Practical, maybe both.
  • I constantly fiddle with my gear range desires. Atm I want a 62T elliptical chainring for the front to give me 25-132 GI (give or take)
  • Wheel covers, I want wheel covers, or maybe I want a zipp wheel or a powertap zipp wheel.
  • hmm, Rob English had this really cool kevlar wheel disk in 559, That would be cool, who made it?
  • Tires, Tires, Tires - Duranos today, Kojaks for brevets maybe, I wonder if there is a faster lighter race tire too, hmm
  • Wheel sets. I could get lighter rims than my Velocity Fusions. Maybe I will be light enough for aeroheats soon. Or maybe a really deep dish rim. Or wheel covers, did I say that already?
  • Edge 705, what about battery life for 12 hour rides, I need that setup.
  • Lighting, lots of lighting needs
  • Custom paint, custom patterns on my tailbox, reflective panels, oh my
  • Seat pads? Actually I think that is completely sorted with my nice zotefoam pad.
  • hmm, zotefoam, I think lining a tailbox with zotefoam should get rid of that rattling noise.
  • I need to learn to work with composites, I could make my own Fiberglass tailbox, hmm maybe I need a new workshed, I don't think my wife wants FG fumes in the house from the garage
  • should I run ethernet to the new shed?
  • do I have to take down a tree for my proposed shed location?
  • what power tools do I want? I could use a bandsaw.

I believe it shows the infection is deep in me. But before Kristin kills me, remember that I take forever to act on anything and this was just an inner demon speaking. I love you, I won't go nuts, I promise. Really!

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