Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raptobike Pr0n

Front view commuting setup, originally uploaded by Watson House.

Here is a nice picture of my Raptobike Lowracer as set up for commuting/touring. I have 1400 miles on those tires with no flats. I would be happy to tour on them. I love my bike, a great choice.


petterwr said...

Been thinking about those tires myself, good to hear you are happy with them.
Marathon Schwalbe was good during in the beginning of March with icy roads and such, but I got a feeling they're keeping my speed down now in summer.

Duncan Watson said...

The Duranos have been great to me. I was riding them in wet weather when the temperature was about 0->5 degrees C and I had no issues. I didn't use them in snow or icy conditions.

I am considering getting schwalbe kojaks for the kind of winter riding that I see here. More wet than icy. The 38mm Kojaks look like a softer ride for bad pavement as well.