Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good intentions

I have been meaning to put up a serious post lately. But work has been rough lately and the post promises to be contentious so I want to do my research. So though I want to talk about bike facilities, how to change our infrastructure and point out some people who are working counter to our best interests I will save that for another day. I will not be pointing out the myriad benefits of improving cycle facilities or the ratio of money invested in automobile facilities as compared to cycling. Not today at least.

Instead I will say how recently I find that I can't get FWD (Front Wheel Drive) bikes out of my mind. The simplified drivetrains, the clean rear end, the reduction in power robbing idlers and chain tubes are all very alluring. The shorter chain is great too. I don't know if I will be able to ever get a go-fast bike that doesn't have FWD now. I have become very attached to my Raptobike. For long, wet commuting and touring I have considered Faired Long Wheel Base bikes such as the Rans Stratus XP. But that is a totally different form factor.

One of my recent fascinations is Rob English's Hachi.
His bike is beautiful and fast. Rob also runs his own custom frame building business. This is dangerous for me as I LOVE his bike. If I get fast and start trying to be competitive in the TT (time trial) scene I may have to get a custom frame from him. My dream would be a more streetable but still racing lowracer. Two 24" wheels, front drum brake, mid-drive, q-ring +chain guard for the front, triangulated frame, etc. I would add some hydration solution and call it done. It wouldn't be for commuting, just go fast rides, club rides and training. Obviously a bit of a pipe dream today but who knows what the future holds.

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