Sunday, June 7, 2009

We did it, the Lake Washington Ride in 3h:54m elapsed time.

Washington Loop Ride with DKW
DKW and I did it. We did our 50 mile ride in 3h:54m with an average speed of 14.3mph and time on bike of 3h:25m. That means were were 29 minutes off the bike which is 9 minutes more than I wanted but given the extra stop at Leschi Starbucks, perfect. If we can manage this on the STP we should get to Longview in 11h:25m elapsed time assuming a 15mph average for the less hilly route. If we average 14.3 mph we will be done in 12h which is perfectly respectable. This is assuming 150 miles to Longview which is an estimate. Day 2 is short and we should be done early.

I spent a reasonable amount of time in heart rate zone 2. Pushing that to zone 3 will increase my average speed a chunk, though I was very strong at the finish today. The timing really worked for me.


Russell said...

Great job. I can't seem to break the 13.7 mark. I did 70 on Saturday (BG to SRT then into hills east of Marymoor). It was a great ride but as you mention, the hills just kill your average speed.

After the STP, I really want/need to work on my climbing. Maybe I should just get a new bike...

Duncan Watson said...

Very cool. Are you doing the Flying Wheels summer century? I will be there on Saturday. It should be fun, I haven't ridden much out that side yet.