Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today I am going to share a number of blog posts that I found interesting and worthy of sharing. Almost all of this is political, but it is election season. All of this can be found on my google reader share page here. This page has more commentary on the various links.

  1. Joe Biden on Fire - great speech. I link to commentary about this below as well, but this is the raw video and jedreport is always a good read. I was very impressed on Joe Biden's delivery and he does bring up the way that Sarah Palin really does feel like that bitchy popular girl. You know the one that always made fun of every you wore and did. Joe didn't use those words, he was more elegant in bring up the comparision.
  2. Job Growth comparison between Clinton years and Bush years - A pointed chart that illustrates how the last 8 years have hurt us in job growth. Good chart, nice presentation.
  3. Rep Chris Smith - Pushing God in the Schools. - Here we go, an idiot Republican congressman who thinks that God must be in our schools. This is just a warning, these radical nuts are out there and we will be living in a theocracy if we let them remain in power.
  4. The Politics of Resentment - nice commentary from emptywheel regarding the video I link in #1 above. I found it an excellent read and companion to the speech above.
  5. The Hollow Men - from Crooks and Liars. This one is very important. It talks about how the Republicans at the RNC had no problems with their double standard on torture. They all claimed outright that John McCain was tortured (he was, no doubt) but their own parties standard on torture (which John McCain supported) says none of the actions the Viet-Cong performed on him qualify as torture. I find this deeply distrubing and the torture issue and the disregarding of the Geneva Convention will be one of things that we will feel echos of for decades to come.
  6. Real Vetting Roundup - dailykos. More Palin crap. If you aren't fully armed and ready to talk about why she is a liar, a crook, an eager consumer and seeker of earmarks, a pentocostal who believes we are approaching the endtimes, a member of a violent successionist organization, yada yada yada, click there and get some more info.
  7. Best Daily Show ever? - more Jedreport. I haven't watched this yet but I love the Daily Show and trust Jed , if he says it is good, then watch it. The link goes to Jedreport but it has each of the portions of the show in embedded frames within it. That is easier then teasing out each segment on the indecision2008 web site.
  8. Boxer fights back - Senator Boxer responds to McCain's acceptance speech. She does a bang up job here, very impressive.
Well, that's it for this morning. Take a look at these links and let me think, consider this an open thread. Though with the blog 1 day old, I doubt I have any readers besides my wife.
UPDATED - added one more - too good to pass up.

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