Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday thoughts - Bailout

I haven't posted about this subject but the entire bailout idea totally stinks. This is nothing but a Wall Street giveaway with nothing in return for Americans. We need to bailout individual failing banks instead with loans and take an equity stake, just like we did with AIG.

700 Billion will crush any plans we have to fix anything in the next 8 years. This plan is just #$%#% insane. It can't pass. With that said, it probably will. What we need to do is get a solid block of progressive Democrats in the Senate and Congress who are willing to force the Legislature to deal with them. A block of 20-30 should work. I will be keeping my eyes out for likely candidates and promoting them on my low traffic blog. One example in WA is Darcy Burner. I recommend you donate to her if you can.

My view on this is that I will donate and organize for any progressive candidate since I can only vote for 1 representative and 2 senators directly. We need a whole lot more than that to create a block that can work for us in the legislature.

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