Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts during the ride in

My third ride in of the week. Today was a nice foggy morning. Luckily I installed my light mount last night, I also switched to new shoes for the ride. So riding in with my Jet-Lite starfire pointing the way I experienced a very beautiful eerie ride. Lots of beautiful scenery on my chosen route, especially when it is silhouetted in my foggy white-out. I will need to start packing my camera for the commute.

Crossing the ped bridge, I see that I missed the normal sign team that holds up political signs for the drivers to see as they sit stalled in traffic below. I guess the fog chased them away. Too bad, nice people, I enjoy chatting with them in the morning. Passing the spot made me think of the bailout and how I have to oddly grateful that Republican self-interest has managed to derail the proposed plan. Now if only the Democratic leadership can grow a spine and ram a good bill before Congress rather than some mickey-mouse giveaway with no relief to homeowners.

I definitely need more pictures for this blog. Speak up if you are visiting, I have the comments in my Google Reader feed. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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