Thursday, September 11, 2008


First things first - check out this segment; Ari Melber from the Nation takes down Brad Blakeman regarding the McCain attack on Barack Obama regarding educating 5 year olds on Stranger Danger aka sexual predators. I was pretty impressed how this went down.

Secondly, I stole this image from Ezra Klein.

As Ezra Klein states, this is the primary solution that Sarah Palin and McCain propose. How the heck is the yellow area in the graph going to help anything?!?

Now we get to the Dept of the Interior scandal. Huge mess right now, still more news to come out of this. But emptywheel skimmed through the data dump and found yet more instances of Murkasey declining to prosecute real crimes. In this case sexual assault of a subordinate. Come on now, this is beyond the pale. Murkasey is shaping up to be the worst AG pick yet of the Bush years. Read emptywheel's take on this here

More details on the Dept of Interior mess here at dailykos. There is a lot of corruption at the Dept of Interior, and much much more will come out of this. Thinkprogress has a lot of data on it as well. It is too much to handle in one post alone.

On to more happy news. Checkout this ad from the Obama campaign.

It hits McCain hard on Education. Great ad, hope to see it play strongly.

That's all for now. I am looking for more videos to post as I like to see the ads from Battleground states since I live in WA, relatively safe territory that no-one is fighting over.

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