Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interlude - cycling

I have been focused on getting back into shape this week. I decided that cycling and cycle commuting is the way forward. I commuted for 7 years straight on a bike, so this is familiar territory.

My chosen commute vehicle will be my trike seen here in a picture taken last year:
From Blogger Pictures

I am going to add a new accessory mount to it to replace the one you see in the photo above. This is the one I am going to use:
(follow link in picture to see it at terraclycle.com)

I added some lighting and other gear to the trike. Additionally I cleaned out the garage so I can turn it into a work area for my trike and my Wife's Rans Cruz. I am going to put a Metolius Slim Gym in the garage too.

This means I have to sell the other bikes in my stable. First to go is my Fuji Cross 2003. Lots of added gear -
2003 Fuji Cross,
52 cm Frame,
Carbon fiber front fork,
Compact Double crank,
11-34 rear cassette,
Shimano 105 components,
Rear derailer Shimano XT,
Speedplay Frog pedals (cleats available),
Richey rims,
Rear Rack installed,
Detachable Fender kit included (easy on/off works great),
From Fuji Cross 2003

The album has more pictures if you follow the link.

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