Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cycle Commuting - First day back on the trike

So today was my first day back on the trike for commuting in over a year. As part of my new QOL improvement strategy I am cycling commuting again. I did a bit of prep before I started again.

  1. Cleaned out the garage so I have a cycle maintenance area.
  2. Cleaned and lubbed the chain.
  3. Cleaned the trike and adjusted the seat forward a bit.
  4. Installed a new cateye rear blinker (works great attached to the rack)
  5. Bought new shoes, my current shoes are 7 years old and a bit worn.
  6. Ordered a new accessory mount for the lighting system. (terracycle mount, jet-lite system)
I pre-packed my clothes and panniers for the ride this morning after a test ride last night. I decided to go with the full change of clothes method vs riding in work clothes. Apparently my winter cycling pants still fit, which shocked me but I did gain most of my weight in my stomach. I rode a new route. I took 7th Ave up the hill, turned left at the tracks and cut over to 100th ave. I then rode to 124th heading south to 90th, then turned down 90th to get to my office. As routes goes this worked very well, the ped bridge at 100th is nice and wide. The inclines weren't horrible. I prefer this to my 80th st/kirkland ave route. That hill is brutal, as is the ascent to the ped bridge at 80th.

Today's ride was awesome. Felt great and everyone waved and smiled as I passed.

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