Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain - An opportunistic Lying Lier.

McCain's credibility is absolutely shot. Anyone who believes him is completely delusional or has a guarantee (i.e blackmail). He is literally just making crap up now and throwing it against the wall. I won't bother with a list of his false claims as I can't type fast enough to list them all, he and his campaign lie at a blistering rate. Palin is no better and arguably more frightening.

I don't understand how they think that lying more than any other politician in my experience will get them. Heck their surrogates won't even claim to be Republican when interviewed. The Hardball - Chris Matthews vs Cantor clip was amazing in its display of Republican cravenness and doublespeak.

McCain doesn't even know the Prime Minister of Spain. And his area of expertise is supposed to be Foreign Affairs. Sadly he and his campaign even lie about that and instead say that he was deliberately classifying Spain as an adversarial state. You know, Spain, the democratic NATO ally in Europe (not Latin America as McCain seems to think). Is this the kind of negotiator we want? One who won't even ask for clarification when he doesn't understand questions, who can't even get the right hemisphere when asked about an important allies Prime Minister? Who covers up his mistakes by deciding that our ally in Afghanistan is now an enemy?

Really?!? Lets be honest here, if you support McCain after this, you are either massively misinformed and delusional or morally bankrupt. Unfortunately it seems there are a lot of people who fall into both categories. Many in both.

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