Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Commuting home in the rain

My ride home tonight was a bit wet. A good test of my gear and ride in wet conditions. Everything passed. I don't have my accessory mount yet so I was without a headlight but the ride wasn't bad without it.

I looked like this today:
From September Commuting

As you can see I was wearing my cycling clothes. Performance pants, my fall ones, they handle the rain very well and work as long as it is above freezing. I should get a second set, they were perfect today. I had a rain slick on which is a gift from my Dad as he doesn't ride anymore. I used my Ortlieb Panniers, which are just amazing and I wouldn't replace them. Rain proof, nearly indestructible and so easy to take on and off. I used shorty gloves which I was glad to have in the rain.

So now you see what I look like today, 40lbs heavier than the picture in my profile. The last year has been a rough one for weight gain. But I am pushing hard to lose it now. With my newfound desire to ride every day it should drop. I will be doing some upper body workouts as well.

Regarding commuting I was very pleased at the ride today. The hill wasn't so bad, the route was reasonably fast for a first day back in 1 year, and the rain was not a problem.

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