Monday, September 29, 2008

Morning Commute

The commute in was nice. My legs were noodles last night after the 7 miles ride and dog park excursion. But this morning they felt fine. I am rebuilding my legs from a year out of the saddle. I brought my camera with me today but I don't have a card reader at work so the pictures will have to go up when I get home. I will add the slideshow to the afternoon commute.

It was a nice quiet ride, I do want to get a pouch for my camera so it is more available though. I didn't want to ride with it around my neck. I had a little motivation issues getting out the door but everyone said I was very alert and happy this morning, which is good. I am quite pleased with my morning commute, the route is much better then the ones I was previously using.

Tomorrow I am off, to run errands and double check my registration to vote, so I won't be commuting. But Kristin and I do plan on another pleasure ride if we can fit it in.

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