Monday, September 29, 2008

Colbert and Spidey team up

This is hilarious, Steven Colbert and Marvel Comics working together.

"While "Colbert for President" signs have been popping up in the background of random Marvel comics lately, the publisher has announced that Colbert himself will show up working side-by-side with Spider-Man in October."

I used to be a big Marvel geek. Spider-man has always been a big deal for me. One of the things to remember is that Spider-man still has three of his own comics, not one vehicle and continuity appearances in other mags, three dedicated to Spidey. He is hugely popular and connected to the entire Marvel universe. I think this is a great play by Marvel.

One quote from that article that I loved:

While the script had to be submitted to Colbert's team for approval, Waid said there wasn't a lot of back and forth. "One of the most thrilling and exciting moments of my professional career happened with this," he said. "I've done licensed work before, so I was completely prepared for Colbert's camp to come back and go, 'this is great, but can you put the Silver Surfer in it too?' Or, 'this is great, but can you put Doctor Doom in it on page five?' And instead, the only note I got back was, 'No notes! Go with it!' That was the best part. That was worth it right there, just to get a note from the Colbert camp saying, 'No notes; we're having a geek-gasm; we love it!'"
This is great stuff and it will get me to buy Oct comics from Marvel.

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