Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain is a Liar on the View

What is our media coming to when the hardest hitting interview to date with McCain is on a celebrity interview show like the View? Here we see the women of the View kicking McCain's ass. Calling him out as a liar and exposing his hypocrisy. It is sad that CNN, ABC, CBS and FOX News can't do this.

Here is the first clip. Joy Behar opens up with the Lipstick on the Pig ads and asks why McCain lies and if he endorses them?

As you can see, he is a bit blindsided but recovers by saying his ads are absolutely true. Even Barbara joins in on this one. Just sad to see this man sell his soul for an attempt to be president. There can be no doubt here, he is a liar and a damned one at that.

Here we see the View again later in the same interview. They talk about Palin and her earmark problem. McCain lies again. Really, his soul is black with the smut of all these lies. He surely isn't repentant, he repeats them again and again with full knowledge of his duplicity.

I am not going to embed the other Video where Joy (someone should pick her up for a news program) again skewers McCain, this time on his flip flopping and marching in lockstep with George Bush. He has the gall to say "What specific area have I, quote, 'changed?' Nobody can name it," McCain said..

Shocking. Thinkprogress took up this challenge and easy came up with a list of 42 flip flops which included the 4 areas McCain himself cited as examples of areas he has been especially clear and focused on. By the way Steve Benen compiled a list of 76 flip-flops here

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