Friday, September 26, 2008

Commute home

My commute home today was wonderful. It was an example of why commuting by bike or in my case trike is so nice. I crossed over the ped bridge at 100th st, I glanced down at other peoples bumper to bumper commute and reflected on how nice my ride was. I ran into another cycle commuter who was coming up hill and we exchanged a few words of greeting. He was happy to be almost home and done with the hills and I was looking forward to my downhill spin.

Next up I rode by what my wife calls "the chuck-it park". I heard someone yelling behind me, so I braked and looked back. A boxer was bounding toward me, tongue lolling, while he ignored his owners pleas to come. I stopped and waited (a benefit of the trike), the big happy dog came up to me and licked my hands as I grabbed his collar. The grateful owner soon caught up to his runaway pooch. Great dog and a nice encounter.

I pedaled over the rise and down to 112th. I saw a women walking two dogs, one of which looked like a rat terrier or jack russell puppy. I stopped and chatted for a bit. The dalmatian was an 8 year old rescue named Hannah and the puppy was an unknown mix named "Jack" I think, also a rescue. Hannah was very sweet and eventually came over to me and gave me a lot of attention, she wasn't scared at all. I was surprised to hear she was abused before "Sarah" (I hope, I got that right) got her as a rescue, she had a lot of scaring on her back but she is a beautiful dog. Very sweet, great coat, wonderful color. I chatted with Sarah for 15 minutes or so about my trike, the day, her dogs and my dogs. Very nice. The trike makes stopping and starting so easy, it really makes conversations like this much easier.

I definitely want to start packing my camera for commuting, there are so many things to take pictures of. I wish I could put up the mental snap shots I have of this ride.

Comments welcome as always.

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