Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bladder Hack on Corsa

From BladderHack

I was getting annoyed by clipping my bladder hose to my shirt/jacket. Being attached to my Corsa is much more annoying than it was on the trike. Every light or stop sign stressed the connection and I had trouble if I needed to get off. I was inspired by Jim's VK2 blog and the way he routed his water bottle hoses and bladder hoses. I used one of those office badge holders that has a spring loaded extension on a clip. I zipped it to my bottle holder as a test and took it for a test ride.

As you can see from the slideshow, the hose fits nicely next to my seat and doesn't catch on anything. It is easy to grab and drink, and when I release it snaps back into place. I can probably get something a little stronger but this works for now. I am thinking of doing something similar to my water bottles. If I can get hose assemblies that fit on the water bottle I can then route the hose similarly. By using tubes that feel and look different I can tell the water tube apart from a water bottle tube with NUNN or some form of liquid nutrition. That would work well for long rides.

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