Monday, November 10, 2008

First Real Commute on the Corsa

Today was the first real commute on the Kiley the Corsa. My speed to work is 50% faster than on the trike. My heart rate was up 15% or so. I walked the railroad tracks that coincide with the highest grade climb of the route, 14% grade to crest the tracks. The road narrows there too. That was the only point I feel nervous on my ride.

I got to work nice and early. Locking up the bike was OK, I may look at putting my bike in my cubicle, it is a pain to lock up a recumbent. Rolling the bike into the office would reduce my pack and unpack time as I wouldn't have to remove the panniers and seat bag.

I will weigh myself Friday morning if I remember, to check my progress. At the moment I am about 11 lbs down from my peak weight of 240. Every day brings a new reason to lose more. My target weight is about 180, I would love to be 165 lbs. Fitness will be my main technique to shed weight. Though I have been working on my diet. Mostly my plan has been to not consume fried foods, soda and alcohol. I have been reducing portions and eating breakfast. I substituted low-fat yogurt and jello for snacks. I don't eat lunch out now, and instead have a sandwich, soup or a burrito. We bought a crockpot and I am working on recipes that we will use, I can take the left overs to work. With my Panniers + Seatbag solution I have a ton of room on the bike.

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