Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minor Mechanical issues

Riding home last night I popped the chain off the big ring up front. After fixing the chain I managed to pop it off the lower ring. Quite annoying. I put everything back and rode home in the middle ring.

When I got home I put the Corsa up on my bike stand and shifted back and forth, I wasn't able to pop the chain off so I attributed it to my aggressive shifting under stress. Then this morning I was getting underway and popped the chain off the big ring while in the driveway. I then had a nice low speed fall since I didn't unclip properly. So I didn't ride in today and the Corsa is in the garage waiting for me to get home and play with the limit screws. It is almost as if someone screwed with my limit screws while the bike was at work yesterday. Either way I will adjust it. I may move the front derailleur a bit as well since there is some contact with the derailleur when shifted in the small ring. Time to use Zinn's bike book again.

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