Saturday, November 1, 2008

Working on new route to work

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I am working to find a longer route to work for better training opportunities. Kristin and I drove this section from our house to the Burke Gilman trail in Kenmore. I brought the GPS to plot the map and get the elevation. The grade doesn't get above 8 degrees but averages to about 2.9. An average grade of 2.9 isn't bad. I can live with that. Here is the elevation profile:

My plan is to follow this route to the Burke Gilman trail, then take that East and South along the West Sammamish river trail until I get to the crossing of rt 908. I will then go up NE Old Redmond Rd to 132nd Ave NE. From there I go to 80th St. Then 80th St to 122nd Ave NE, and 122nd Ave NE to my office. All in all this should be roughly 25 miles with around 1200 ft of climbing. Once I get the Corsa I will test ride this route in sections. Then I will see if I can connect the sections and do it in one go. The first test will be Juanita hill to Burke Gilman as pictured above. The second test will be Old Redmond Rd to my office. Then I can connect the whole thing.

If I can manage this entire route it will be great training and I can work it into my commute starting once a week and gradually increase its frequency over the coming months. I expect this to only be my to work route, I see no need to take it home. I can use my existing 3.5 mile route home.

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