Friday, November 21, 2008

Cycling update

With today's commute being my new 26 mile round trip option (23 miles to work, 3 miles home) I feel like I am on the right track. My adjustment for my cleats finally seems to have dialed in the fit. My panniers and seat bag works great. I will soon have my proper lighting setup with dynohub and LED light. I also want to recline my seat a bit more. I ordered new tires too, conti gp 4000 with black chili compound. But I feel much more confident and strong on the bike and I feel it is the right platform to continue.

I seem to be averaging a cadence of 62rpm. Not horrible when it involves almost 2000ft of climbing. I need to work on it, and as I shed pounds it will be easier to bump up that number. My goal is to keep up the training, keep mixing up the rides, bump up the miles/week, bump up the climbing/week. I don't have any issues on the flats so climbs are my weak point. In general your weakest area is where you can get the largest improvements for the smallest effort. It also has the side effect of being one of the best things I can do for fitness. The hills are a cheap form of interval training.

I also like these long rides since once you get going you are committed. I was 4 miles out today on the ride to work, and feeling the hills but there really was no other option other than keep on going. And it was fine, easy even. I am careful not to put myself in impossible situations but I don't mind pushing myself to do big rides. I am feeling strong and see myself getting stronger. The riding is compensating for my crappy diet skills. I don't limit myself well. I had soda today, and that is verboten. But overall even the diet is going well. Bringing leftovers to work has been great for my diet and the quality of my food I eat.

If I keep this work up I will be fit in no time. I don't anticipate any trouble in March and my first real brevet.

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