Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I want to get more organized about tracking my weight, cycling mileage, etc. So I am going to keep it all in a spreadsheet and summarize my progress. I think I will use something like this format.

Exercise and Weight loss log

Week Weight Avg HR Elevation Gain Minutes on Bike Mileage on Bike
10/12/2008 – 10/18/2008 230 139 1641 141 28.44
10/19/2008 – 10/25/2008 230 139 1127 83 8.73
10/26/2008 – 11/1/2008 230 122 3741 413 71.2
11/2/2008 – 11/8/2008 227.8 139.7 2493 262 40.12

The differences in mileage between this and the post below is due to how the gps statistics are read by motionbased and the garmin fitness tools.


Russell said...

Good luck with your efforts. I'm planning on the STP as well, on my Lightning Phantom, but I'm about 10% as organized as you are by the looks of it.

See you in Portland.

Duncan Watson said...

I am channeling my OCD tenancies to make this a reality. I have wanted to do the STP for years and never gotten around to training up and signing up. This time will be different.

The Lightning Phantom is a nice bike. If I could have found one to test ride locally I might have ended up with one. I hope to see you in Portland as well :)