Friday, November 7, 2008

Corsa arrives and helmet mount hack

From HelmetMount

I picked up my Corsa today. The Schmidt dynohub wasn't yet built into a wheel and the Edulux light hadn't arrived so I bought it without those parts. Once the parts arrive Dale said he would deliver them to me. I think I will take him up on the offer, Kristin is getting annoyed at traveling over to Seatac. I will take better pictures of the bike tomorrow. Since this picture I got the panniers on and made a ton of adjustments.

One of the things I want is a backup light attached to my helmet. I bought a cheap cateye LED light just for this purpose. Today I zip tie mounted it to my helmet. Here are the results:
From HelmetMount

I think it turned out well and the light is feather light and the mount weighs nothing. It will be a welcome addition to my night riding as well as useful for reading my instruments (gps and bike computer) in the dark. I am getting a lot of satisfaction from doing various mechanical bits for my bikes. Simple things like adjusting derailleurs, brakes and making my own helmet mounts make my bikes very personal. I also feel more confident riding when I know I can adjust and fix my bike on the road. I helped a guy (Austin) with a flat on Sunday's 30 mile ride. It felt good to handle that without any issues.

Tomorrow I will be giving the Corsa a shakedown ride on the Burke Gilman. 30 or so miles should let me find any issues and get my confidence up. She rides differently than the Vivo and the Trike. I am working on a name for her. Kristin vetoed Fiona, so I believe she will be Kiley, which means graceful or good looking. It is of Irish descent.

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