Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kristin used to try to get me to clean the garage. I am a slacker and didn't do it for years at a time. Now with the bikes and the work area I go and do it for myself. Luckily Kristin is happy that it is cleaned and not bitter my years of slackerdom.

We bought a lot of bins and labeled and binned a most of the garage a few weeks ago. What I did today was clean off the work desk, rack the tools, clean off a table, and move all the bikes around to save space. This created a work area for the new bicycle stand (Ultimate pro elite repair stand). I threw an old sheet down for the work area since we have an infestation of drywall dust in our garage. I mop and sweep and it never goes away.

I used the opportunity to add reflective tape and stickers to the Corsa (Kiley). She is all bright now, it will make a difference commuting and randonneuring. I am also putting reflective tape on my helmet.

Kristin also got me to repair the broken drawer in her bathroom and hang a picture in the Living room. We also tested a new dog seat for Lucy to cut down on her whining and did a lot of grocery shopping.

All in all a good night and a productive weekend.

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