Sunday, November 9, 2008

Corsa test Commute

I took Kiley (the Corsa) on a test commute today. I rode to the office, went inside, read some email, worked on a problem or two and rode home. Some of the statistics:
  • my moving speed was 32% faster than my previous best commute on the trike.
  • I shaved 12 minutes off my total commute time.
  • My heart rate was 11% higher on average (141 vs 126)
  • My climbing speed was around 5mph on the hill rather than 2mph on the trike.
  • I was a little unstable on the climb but that will be corrected by time and practice.
  • I need practice unclipping and downshifting.
  • Kiley is awesome. So fast, so much fun.
I took it pretty easy on the downhills so I can improve my time. I don't see any problems using Kiley for commutes.

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