Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corsa and first ride

Here is the Corsa, Kiley. I didn't take a picture with full kit on her. When I rode this morning it was raining pretty hard. Now of course it is sunny and nice. Silly weather.

I am still waiting on the lighting system but my current setup is good enough to commute with. Kiley is a sweet ride. I had a small fall at 10 miles, scraped my left brake handle and shifter. Superficial damage only. The water bottles, panniers and seat bag are wonderful. I have calibrated my cycle computer so I will have an accurate odometer for her as well.

My ride was 20 miles at an average of 13.7 mph. The average speed doesn't tell the full tale. I took it really easy on the way back after the fall. The leaves and the fall really sapped my confidence. I was cruising at 18mph for a good bit on the trail. An upright passed me and I automatically followed. It felt good, I kept it up for 2 miles and then stopped to adjust the seat. My ride on the Burke Gilman was just a break in ride so I expected it to be slow. Once I get used to Kiley she will be like the wind.

I also rode to work, at least all the uphill portions of that ride. Kiley makes me work on the hills but I can do it. My speed on the hills is 30-50% better than my trike. I didn't wear the heart rate monitor but I suspect my HR was up. I was nervous and working. I will commute with Kiley, so this hill will soon become routine. I don't care if I have to walk her up, I will make it through the hills. I will continue to commute at 7am to keep the traffic down.

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