Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ride in

I rode in today. The adjustments I made to my cleat position helped a ton, I felt more confident and was able to unclip easily. The adjustments to my shifting are ok but still need a bit of love. I will get out my maintenance book and spend more time on this Saturday in the sun. On the bright side I didn't have to walk the tracks today, I was able to power straight up the hill without too much pain. Though I was huffing like a lifetime smoker. I really need to develop my hi-racer legs. I am surprised how different the BB height makes. I have more power on the trike and the vivo. Both have lower BBs and I thought it would transfer. Though to be honest I am so slow on the trike it is hard to say I have more power there.

I am very pleased with my bike repair stand (Ultimate Elite Pro). It really makes working on Kiley the Corsa a pleasure. Now if I can only work out my issues with locking my bike up at work.

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