Sunday, November 16, 2008

Juanita Hill to RTC ride

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I rode 20 miles today on Kiley the Corsa and climbed 1353ft. The stats from Motionbased are here:

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I am very pleased with this ride. I wanted to do a street based ride as I need to build confidence on the Corsa and improve my cycling skills on a high racer. I also wanted to see how bad Juanita hill was. It turns out Juanita hill isn't bad at all. There are sections of 10% grade but overall it is an easier climb than the one I do to work. If I can connect from the Sammamish River Trail to my office by climbing Old Redmond Way, then I will have an excellent 25 mile commute option for training. Next weekend I will try to Old Redmond Way.

The hose hack for my water bladder was perfect. I was able to access the water without having to strap a tube to me. My mobility getting on and off the bike was unimpaired. I did have some right foot pain, I will adjust my cleats again and I picked up some superfeet inserts for my cycling shoes. I took it easy on the Sammamish river trail as there was a lot of ped traffic and my foot hurt. There were wet leaves for the first mile as well and since I fell leaves Thursday, I figured I should be easy on Kiley. She doesn't need another fall. I just had her rear wheel trued yesterday.

I was looking at hooking up a water bottle as I did my bladder using a Camelbak hands-free bottle adapter and a Camelbak performance bottle. I can use that as my hydration supplement delivery system. All in all a good day and there was a reason I was singing "I love my bike" on the ride. The Corsa is a wonderful bike.

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