Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I rode into today. Another beautiful fall day. I wish I rode in yesterday as it was so bright and sunny. I feel more confident on the Corsa. I had no issues riding up and over the tracks today. I also did better on the 100th St Ped bridge, I coasted to the street intersection before putting my feet up in the pedals. It worked much better, I was daydreaming on the bridge crossing, so it was just my subconscious at work.

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My commute time is nice and short now, I will keep pushing the training on the weekend for fitness. Next week I will tackle Old Redmond Road as seen here. If I can make it up that hill I will have a mid week training ride by going Juanita Dr to Burke Gilman, to Old Redmond Rd, to Digeo, 25 miles and almost 2000ft of climbing.

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