Thursday, October 30, 2008

2009 Cycling Goals

While reading the Bacchetta forums I found a thread about 2008 accomplishments. This got me thinking about my 2009 goals and I realized I hadn't written them down. I am going through a period of introspection and refocusing my activities and desires to meet my goals. I do this periodically. In 1998/1999 I did something similar where I changed career tracks and focused on quality of life vs the NYC rat race.

I get obsessive about certain things, so I find it useful for me to focus my obsession on healthy activities rather than self-destructive habits. Recently I gave up MMOs because my obsession was not good for my health, my relationships and my work. To replace that I decided that it would be better to focus on cycling, cycle maintenance and politics. All of these activities are ones I have had a lifelong interest in so they are natural fits. I am giving up my old hobby of rock climbing as it is harder to get into shape and keep climbing without a regular partner you trust. Plus cycling works well with cycle commuting as training.

So without too much ado, here are my 2009 goals.
  • Hill training, must ride more hills
  • Cycle commute 200 days in 2009
  • add morning training rides to my commute three times a week (20+ miles, and major hills combined)
  • 2500 miles (I hope to beat this but this works out to an average of 208 miles/month, 48 miles/week)
  • 2009 STP (202 miles over two days)
  • Training century ride before STP, probably Flying Wheels Summer Century
  • Attending any nearby recumbent rallies or get togethers
  • Lose approximately 40 lbs (50 lbs from my high)
  • Crack 100 miles per week averaged over 1 month.

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