Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Commuting update

Yesterday marked three weeks of commuting by bike. Feels a bit weak since my previous record was 5 years of commuting but it sure is better than not riding. I am enjoying the ride quite a bit. My new route is simple, safe and nearly traffic free. It is also quite scenic.

I love riding though communities where there is a ton of greenery. Trees that are older than the houses is very common. I hate modern development with its tear down the whole lot to dirt then build methodology. Such a waste. All the trees and green make my ride very nice, everything smells good and it is so quiet. Even though I cross the I405, I can't hear it just 1 block away.

Here is a slideshow to illustrate my commute. This is a bit of a mashup of October commutes. As you can see in pictures, it has gotten significantly darker on my ride in. I now leave in the pre-dawn light.

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