Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chris Matthews on Palin's defination of the VP job.

Chris Matthews is on fire here. This video is worth more than one viewing, it is riveting. He asks Nancy Pfotenhauer what the role of the Vice President is. She tries to come up something close to Sarah Palin's line, as a way of moving Ms Palin's comments closer to reality. Matthews didn't take any of it, "That's not the role of the Vice President, you got it wrong. I gave you a shot, Nancy, try again." Instant classic, this is one of my favorite pieces of the election coverage.

Watch the video a few times, it is great.

Here is a longer and high res version from MSNBC


Wow, watch the longer version. Chris Matthews set up Nancy Photenhauer well. He started the segment with Palin's expenditure of $150k on clothes, asking who approved it. After dancing around, Nancy says she would rather talk about issues of more substance, policy matters, etc. Chris then springs the Palin doesn't know what the Vice President's job is. That she doesn't know the US Constitution and limits it places on the VP's job. Really well done.

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