Friday, October 17, 2008

New Toy - Garmin Edge 305

I recently got my Garmin Edge 305. This is a cycle computer + GPS combo designed for training. It has a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, altimeter and all the trimmings including a virtual trainer. You can race yourself on courses you have done before. It only lacks a base map and mapping software. But the mapping stuff is in the 705 and was $400 more. I went with the cheaper option but very nice.

I mounted it on my Rans Vivo and my Terratrike Tour. I love it, it is easy to use on the Trike and the Vivo. I get wonderful trip reports and data out of the Edge and on the motionbased web site. I will be able to improve my pedal stroke, and my fitness level quite nicely with my new toy. Since I don't have even a basic cycle computer on any of my rides right now this is extremely welcome. One of the fun things is being able to view the ride in Google Earth. Tomorrow I will take the Vivo out and ride on the trails by Marymoor. I hope to log twenty or thirty miles tomorrow, but it depends on how much I have left in my legs.

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