Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trisled - Avatar Velomobile

Wow, this Velomobile looks amazing. Made by Trisled an Aussie company, the Avatar Velomobile. To quote their site:
New for 2008, Tri-Sled's Avatar velomobile is designed for speed. Based on the simple principle that going fast improves practicality, the Avatar velomobile makes very few compromises. With it's small frontal area and completely enclosed wheels and rider, Avatar is arguably the most streamlined and aerodynamically-pure velomobile available today.

Drawing on our HPV and speed bike racing experience, Avatar represents the best of both worlds. Twelve years of research and development has maximised the aerodynamic performance of Tri-Sled's street-legal human powered vehicles. But it's not just Avatar's performance that stands out. This model's 'car-like' body and smooth symmetrical curves are achieved through computer-assisted design and mold manufacture.

Each vehicle is individually manufactured at our factory and features a lightweight and strong vacuum-infused kevlar/composite body. Weighing approximately 28 kilograms, velomobile performance doesn't get better than this!

The Avatar velomobile has internal front wheel covers for full weather protection. Ventilation is achieved through a rear-wheel vacuum which is designed to operate at average speeds. Avatar comes fitted with fully-adjustable mirrors and features front and side removable and replaceable windows. This model has an 8.5 meter turning circle which is similar to a small car or motorcycle and is designed to clear spoon drains and speed humps.

This looks really cool. I am not in the market for anything like this but it sure does catch the eye. Quite practical for commuting/local travel as well. A trike can climb anything and velomobiles are FAST on the flats as well as being quite stable. Lights, hydration and luggage are all options for this vehicle. Pretty amazing.

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